Hannah’s Hands, Int’l, is dedicated to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ while demonstrating the Love of Jesus Christ to El Salvador. 

We leverage Short Term Missions Teams to expand the Gospel and encourage a vision for full-time missions by providing the opportunity for potential future missionaries to experience missions first-hand in El Salvador.

  • Short Term Missions: Consist of one- to two-week teams which assist in ministry outreach in San Salvador and surrounding areas.  A variety of ministries can be used to reach the communities for Christ. Ministering to children in the villages through Bible and helping children with their school work allows an opportunity to build Christ-centered relationships. Holding soccer games and sharing the Gospel through drama and music are other tools that work well to establish these relationships.

Short Term Missions Teams can consist of families, Sunday School classes, youth groups with adult leaders, women’s groups, home and church groups.


For additional information please e-mail: info@hannahshands.org