Missionaries in El Salvador

Freddy Martínez

Freddy Martínez

Administrator in the Hannah’s Hands Branch Office in El Salvador and Missionary

Freddy graduated from Don Bosco Soyapango Campus in 2014 with a degree in Graphic Design.

Freddy received Christ as his Savior in November of 2013 and started to volunteer with Hannah’s Hands in 2014 helping with children’s Bible classes. He then became the main driver, translator, and go-to person in which he took on more responsibilities leading the El Salvador team when Lorraine returned to the US to visit Hannah’s Hands Ministry partners. His dedication to the ministry was demonstrated when he worked tirelessly to get the branch office of Hannah’s Hand in El Salvador. He now works full-time as an HHI branch office administrator and missionary.

He has a passion for working with children and persons with disabilities often leading teams from the US who come to share the Gospel and fit individuals with wheelchairs. His other passion is to help lead US ministry teams who come to El Salvador to share the Gospel of Christ.

In his free time, he uses his graphic design skills to help pastors and other ministries with invitations, banners, literature, and their logos.

Karina Martínez

Karina Martínez


Karina received Christ as her Savior in December of 2016. She started to volunteer with Hannah’s Hands in 2017, helping with drama and sharing the Gospel in community outreach. Over time with mentoring, she began teaching children’s and ladies Bible classes. She teaches children’s Sunday School and has served as a children’s Vacation Bible School assistant for several years at Casa de Dios Church.

She came on staff with Hannah’s Hands in 2023 as a missionary, becoming the lead children’s Bible teacher, and has taught ladies Bible classes. She helps with the ministry records; preparation for community outreach; and preparation of monthly financial reports for the accountants in El Salvador and the United States.

Karina graduated from the National University of El Salvador in 2023 with a degree in International Marketing. Through her current responsibilities, she has learned the ins and outs of the financial bookkeeping requirements for monthly submission to the accountant and quarterly fiscal audits in El Salvador.