Our History

Our History

Scott and Lorraine are the co-founders of Hannah’s Hands International, Inc. They were raised in a Christian home by parents who received Christ as adults. There home was always opened to missionaries that were passing through and needed a place to stay. So, Scott and Lorraine (brother & sister) have been mission minded since they were children.

In March of 2003, Lorraine went on a mission trip with her home church, The Shepherd’s Church in Cary, NC, to El Salvador. During that ten-day trip, God continually spoke to her heart about going to El Salvador. Lorraine had reached peak pay scales in several of the positions she held as a nurse and nurse
practitioner. When laid off, she was referred to a job listing in Florida. Her response was, “NC is as far south as I go, it is way too hot in Florida.” God in His all-knowing power had other plans ( a sense of humor as well), He called her to El Salvador, which is 1675 miles further south than Raleigh, NC.


When looking for a mission board to serve in El Salvador, mission boards were saying it was too dangerous and already evangelized. With a great burden for the people and especially children of El Salvador to know Christ as their Savior before they were enticed into the gangs, killed by the gangs or in prison, Scott and Lorraine sat all night one night developing the concept, vision, mission statement, and goals for Hannah’s Hands. That morning, Lorraine met with an attorney who filed papers with the IRS for our 501 (3) c status as a non-profit. With in FIVE days, we received our non-profit status on February 23, 2006.

Hannah's Hands

Initially our work in El Salvador began with mission trips taking much needed shoes so the children could go to school to learn to read, so they could read the Bible and know about God’s love for them, sending His Only Son to die for them, giving the gift of Salvation to all who put their faith in Christ. Lorraine taught health education and “Parrish Nursing” classes so that the adults would know the signs and symptoms of diabetes and high blood pressures, know how to protect persons having seizures, and do basic wound care.

2007 – 2008 

Lorraine quit her job in 2007 and prepared to be a missionary, completing Moody Bible Institute distance learning in 2008. In November of 2008, she left Cary, NC, to serve as a full-time missionary with Hannah’s Hands in El Salvador under Iglesia Bautista Vida Nueva (New Life Baptist Church).

Lorraine led several medical teams and taught proper health and hygiene practices to prevent diseases and illness thus promoting healthy lifestyles. She volunteered in orphanages, held Vacation Bible Schools worked with youth groups, taught ladies’ Bible classes, hosted and guided interns who were interested in full-time missions, and helped students doing poorly in school so that they could complete their coursework to graduate so they could hold productive jobs. She also, held classes in the mission house for those desiring to learn English.

What are we doing now 

Today our ministries are more focused. Sharing the Gospel and Love of Christ while providing health education and hand hygiene; assisting the poor and uneducated in navigating the healthcare system in El Salvador; assisting with medications, medical treatments and emergency transportation for medical care where possible. During home visits we provide for basic necessities such as food, for some clean water; deliver medical equipment for those will disabilities. We promote not only physical health, but emotional and most importantly spiritual health – caring for the poor, underprivilege, widows and children without a strong family structure.

Our second ministry goal is to be like Christ. Christ exemplified the greatest compassion ever, healing the sick and feeding those who were hungry while He brought them the hope of forgiveness and restoration with God the Father. The body is the Body, Mind and Spirit. And each of these have health needs. For some it may be providing shoes, adequate clothing, and blankets to sleep on. For others it is
a warm meal to nourish them. Or helping them repair their roof before or during the rainy season. For a healthy mind, often the people need to vent their frustrations, share their stories or have a should to cry on and be given encouragement through the Bible that they can carry on. For Spiritual health we direct them to Christ who is the Bread of Life, the Living Water and the Good Shepherd. Directing them to God’s plan of Salvation and Direction through the shed blood of Jesus Christ who loved and died for them. In receiving God’s gift of Salvation, all who receive through faith will have a restored relationship with God the Father.