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*Names of children and villages have been abbreviated or omitted for their protection.

Update from Lorraine – November 17, 2017

Praises ~

Praising God for the youth who learned and shared so much about the Reformation to the church family and how it impacted the Gospel and biblical truths that we teach!

We finished our first VBS for this school break.  Fifty one children came, five accepted Christ and 20 were over the age of 11.   We had seven children who walked two miles to come to the VBS.   We weren’t without trials.  Vehicle repairs Monday, Tuesday,and Wednesday.  We had to be towed home.  Yesterday the battery died, the Toyota shut off five times before we got it going to leave.  When we got home we did not turn off the car so that we could go buy a new battery.  Our God is greater than the one who did not want us to share the Good News of Christ in VBS this week!  Thank you for your prayers.

E was very ill – near death last Wednesday and was taken to the hospital after having high fevers and a seizure that left her unconscious for a long time with facial weakness which has resolved.  She is a believer, but the major concern was who would take G, the 23 year old orphan with a four year old mental capacity with violent tendencies.  Ester returned home from the hospital on Monday and G is back in her care.  She is on bed rest until she gains back her strength.  Cause of fever and illness is unknown.  Prayers appreciated for this situation.  There is only one state run home that takes adults with mental disabilities.  Not a place that would benefit G, but because he gets violent it is a challenge for others to care for him.  He has been with Ester since his mother died many years ago.

Praises that Pastor Wilfredo is joining our team in January 2018 and will restart weekly Bible study and discipleship classes and begin a church in two prisons for those who have come to faith in Christ.  Our staff will hold outreaches in the communities near the prisons for the family of prisoners who have come to Christ.  We have taken this step of faith and obedience. Prayers appreciated as we move forward.  We have pledges for 50% of his monthly support.  Anyone who is interested in helping to support Pastor Wilfredo can do so by donating via our webpage – www.hannahshands.org, or by regular mail – Hannah’s Hands, PO Box 5097, Cary, NC  27512 – 5097 or setting up “auto” monthly recurring checks through your bank bill pay services.

A special thanks for those who have been praying for the young girl living in an abusive home.  The abuse is less.  She attended VBS every day and received a prize for bringing three other children to VBS this week.

Prayer Requests ~

For God to go before us in each of the communities for VBS.  For the Holy Spirit to work in the hearts of the children and for the children to carry the Gospel back into their homes.

For our health and stamina.  Several of our volunteers were ill all week with sinus infections and sore throats, yet the served faithfully every day.

~ VBS in upcoming weeks
~ Staff and volunteers serving those with disabilities at the Joni & Friends Family Retreat in El
~ Wisdom in caring for critically ill patients
~ Wisdom in weekly home visits

Thank you for serving with us in all that God is doing in El Salvador!

Lorraine, Hannah’s Hands team and our faithful volunteers


Update from Lorraine – October 30, 2017

Praises ~

Safe return to El Salvador experiencing miracles in clearing TSA in the US and customs in El Salvador with all supplies including car parts and Wordless Book soccer balls arriving with us.

For the opportunity of Scott McNeill, HH President, coming to El Salvador, working with us in the villages, during an outreach and teaching our staff.  That week was at our usual fast pace and it was amazing to see all the God did.  Three miracles in one day…Dark heavy rain clouds ready to pour rain on our outdoor Bible class. Scott prayed and with in five minutes we had blue skies and sunshine.  I accidentally ate something with onions and having an allergic reaction and the thought of using the outhouse all afternoon make me sick to my stomach.  Again, Scott prayed and I did not have an allergic reaction to the onions. AND four boys who were invited at lunch time to come to the Bible class, accepted Christ as their Savior!   God meets our needs in so many ways, great and small.  To God be the glory… great things He has done!

Thirteen children accepted Christ  through the weekly Bible classes and the Outreach in a village.

Lorraine and one of our staff shared the Gospel with Maria, an eighty year old, who when asked where she would spend eternity before hearing the Gospel, stated, “I don’t know”.  After Maria accepted Christ, the same question was asked and she responded with a big toothless smile, “I’m going to heaven when I die!”   God’s Word is alive.  How can they know, unless we tell them of the finished Work of Christ….Salvation through faith in His shed blood?

Prayer Requests ~

Please be in prayer for the Rodriguez family.  The father, has a brain tumor that is growing on his forehead.  He continues to work night shift, over one and half hours ride from his village.  The doctors just want to “watch” the tumor, even though he suffers from seizures and horrible headaches.  He is a believer, his faith is strong.  Please pray God’s will in this matter and for pain relief.  Thanksgiving to our sister in Christ from Cary who gave funds so that the his daughters could have new shoes.

For the Up Coming Ministries

  • Every week our youth go to a Hospital to share the Gospel with the families.
  • D and K will be presenting a project on the Reformation and the impact it has on Christianity today.
  • Missionary Retreat
  • multiple VBS weeks during this season
  • Joni & Friends – youth and our staff will be volunteering
  • Christmas Outreach

We appreciate your prayers for our strength and health, for the Holy Spirit preparing the hearts of the children and families attending, for salvation and spiritual growth of all.

Serving together reaching the lost for the Kingdom of our Father!

Lorraine, Hannah’s Hands Team and our faithful volunteers


Update from Lorraine – September 18, 2017

Praises ~ 

Thankful for God’s faithfulness and goodness in all things!

While in Canada, I held three “Meet and Greet the missionary” meetings.  After sharing about what God is doing in El Salvador, we had wonderful prayer times.  It is so encouraging to know that we have ministry prayer partners in several different countries!  I am  praising God for the funds provided by friends in Canada for me to be able to return next year!

On Friday, five of our youth helped with an all night Outreach in a village (same area where the school outreach took place earlier this year). They worked with Pastor D from a nearby church and performed drama, sang praises and shared the Gospel.  Over 100 attended a service from 6 pm to 4 am.  One mother accepted Christ.

Saturday of the following week, our team held another Outreach in a community.  Forty six children attended. Three young girls accepted Christ. We will return to this area to do VBS during our school vacation.

It is a blessing that the ministry goes on while I am in the United States, including some medical.  The mission house had a lady recovering from eye surgery recently.

Although we had had some heavy rains over the past few weeks, our hosts families provided covered areas so we could continue with the Bible classes.

Prayer Requests ~

Hannah’s Hands Mission Banquet is on Saturday, September 30th, at Colonial Baptist Church.  Dinner will be served at 5:30 pm in the Parlor.  Reservations will be taken through September 27th. $10 for Adults, $5 for children 2-10, and children under 2 are free. We will be sharing the miraculous things God has been and is doing in El Salvador. We look forward to seeing you at the Banquet! [Tickets can be purchased online with a link from our home page].

We have sent letters to 109 churches and two universities asking for an opportunity to share about the ministry of Hannah’s Hands.  Please pray that we will have “yes” responses.

For God’s provision for the church plant with Pastor W for the believers being released from prison.

Serving a faithful God!

Lorraine, Hannah’s Hands team and our faithful volunteers


Update from Lorraine – July 28, 2017

Praises ~

In addition to my ministry responsibilities,  I spend many hours each day caring for youth at the mission house, whether it be meals, dishes, laundry, housework, or homework.  At times I have asked the Lord, “is this what I am meant for?”  At times it is tiring and I feel overwhelmed.  Then comes the reward!   This past Saturday, D finished his last Bible lesson for his school.  He individually asked each youth if they wanted to accept Christ as his or her Savior.  No one responded, but when the class was over, one youth stayed behind and told D that he wanted to accept Christ.. Then God through His Word reminded me that this is where He has placed me and given these youth to me to care for and nurture them in Christ as well as meet their physical needs.  The scriptures that came to mind were Galatians 6:10  and Philippians 2:14.  This pass weekend I offered up praise and thanksgiving that I have been given the opportunity to care for these youth, being an example and making it possible for them to go forth and bear eternal fruit! 

My studies in nursing and medicine did not prepare me to be an English teacher.  Several times over the years in El Salvador, I have had to teach English, whether in the girls’ prison, helping University students with home work, or holding English classes to reach others for Christ.  Just when I take teaching English classes off my plate, God puts it back on.  I am not trying to rebel against God, but feel inadequate at times.  Last week D and two of his classmates at the University worked on our mission car’s brakes for four evenings.  Last Thursday evening they put aside their English homework once again to work on the brakes.  That is when the Lord spoke to me to help them with their homework.  They said it was very helpful as they don’t understand the teacher.  Now I am teaching English two – three evenings a week and on Saturday mornings.  Please pray for me to have the wisdom and knowledge to teach in a manner that will make it clear for them to learn.  Learning English opens the doors for better job opportunities here and abroad.

Thankful for those who use Smile.Amazon and list Hannah’s Hands International, Inc. when making purchases!  Every little bit helps our ministry on the field.

Prayer Requests ~

Village Outreach – Saturday July 29th
Village Outreach  – Saturday, August 12
For K and D as they teach children’s classes and Sunday School.
HHI Mission Banquet September 30th.

Serving together for the Kingdom of Christ,
Lorraine, Hannah’s Hands Team & our faithful volunteers


May 22, 2017 – Update from Lorraine

Praises ~

This past week, I received a 6-month permanent residency status and I will need to return later this year to see if I received the permanent residency.  Thank you for your prayers.

The rain has been gentle and, most of the time, it rains at night so it does not affect our outdoor Bible classes. Praise God!

The boy who had the appendectomy, is doing well.  He can walk several miles at a time. Pray that he will be able to return to working in the sugar cane fields.  Also, for the continued discipleship for him and his wife. They have made excuses the past several weeks as to why they could not meet for their discipleship time.

Praising God that it was a good week for home visits and Bible classes in the schools.

Prayer Requests ~

Last fall I shared with you about a very sick young boy, and that his 20-year-old brother had died at home because his mother refused transport to the hospital.  Since F stopped coming to Bible class, we visited his family this week.  We were told that another older brother disappeared early December and has not been seen since. This was after many nights when the “police” visited their area. The “police” were likely gang members dressed in police clothing since the real police do not go into dangerous areas at night for fear of being ambushed. They are not sure if this brother ran away because the gangs were after him or if he was killed.  F is very fearful and is not going to school, not coming to Bible classes and is afraid to leave his mother’s side. Please pray that those who are harassing them will be stopped by God. Please pray for the safety of F, his brother, J, his 26-year-old brother who works in the sugar cane fields, and for his mother.  Her faith is remaining strong.

Also F has an older brother with several children around 9 – 11 years old.  One daughter, 11, is being physically beaten by the the brother’s girlfriendPlease pray that God will give me wisdom if I am to intervene or that God will do a miracle as a response to our prayers.  Some interventions by missionaries are not taken too kindly by the government.  At one point this young girl was living with a grandmother because of the abuse, but she is now back with her father. It has been noted that she is always covered with bruises, and the father chooses to turn a blind eye.

We were able to make three home visits in a remote village. One lady’s husband, age 38, died of kidney failure this week.  Praise God he accepted Christ as his Savior and asked to be baptized in his weakened state before dying.  She has four children, ages seven months to 12 years, and she does the work of a man in the sugar cane fields while the 12-year-old daughter has taken the responsibility of caring for the home and the younger children. This girl is very sad and has a responsibility far greater than her age.  Please pray for God to provide for this family and for the salvation of all the family members, particularly the 12-year-old, who appears bitter.  Another daughter, around 8 years old, comes most of the time to the weekly Bible classes.

Please pray that our team who have the opportunity to teach Bible lessons in the schools, will spend adequate time to prepare their lessons.

For His glory alone,

Lorraine, Hannah’s Hands Team, and all our faithful volunteers


May 14, 2017 – Update from Lorraine

Praises ~

Our team taught again in the village school on Saturday. Two “class trouble makers” accepted Christ as their Savior.  Please pray that they will be the seeds that fall on good soil, grow and bear fruit.

Last week, we visited 57 homes and delivered Mother’s Day gifts with the Gospel booklet, “God’s Plan for your Life”.  Most homes were receptive, especially the mothers who needed comforting as they had lost a child.  Please pray that fruit will be borne from the visits.  On a sad note, we saw R, a boy with great physical and mental disabilities, sitting in a chair with no one around and the door to the house locked.  Upon investigation we found that the caregiver’s cousin has to leave him alone at times while she goes to buy things.  His mother is back in the hospital because a previous medical procedure is not working and she is not healing.

It was a grand experience for D at his graduation.  All the family was able to attend.  He is so grateful that he has graduated from high school as so many youth never complete high school.

Thankful for all those who are using smile.amazon.com to help Hannah’s Hands receive a donation for your amazon orders.  For anyone who is interested, just follow the link and look up Hannah’s Hands International, Inc, select us and place your order!  Thank you!

Prayer Requests ~

Please continue to pray for my residencyThe intake personnel returned to me more documents from my application, documents that were required in previous years.  I am to return this week.   Pray that the reviewer does not deny me because documents are lacking in my application.  This has happened to other missionaries.

Please pray for the widow of a pastor that we take food and water to weekly.  She is very ill with family members, who are not usually involved in her care, remaining at her bedside.   She has been non-compliant with much of her medical care due to her mental illness, making it extremely difficult to provide medical care.

PRAY for mothers who are believers, to be the godly women, guiding, teaching, training, caring and loving their children.  One of the things that I am most grateful for is my mother having daily devotions with us.  It instilled in me the love for and the knowledge of the Word of God to guide me.   Pray for the mothers who do not know Christ to come to a saving knowledge of Christ!   Happy Mother’s Day!

Serving a RISEN Savior!

Lorraine, Hannah’s Hands Team, and all our faithful volunteers


May 10, 2017 – Update from Lorraine

Praises ~

Thank you for praying.  K was baptized on Saturday.  Both of her unbelieving parents came. Continue to pray for her parents salvation.

Also, thankful that R followed the Lord in baptism even though none of his non-believing family would come.  He received Christ at a drama at church recently.  After completing discipleship classes, he was baptized!

Four doctors operated on my father for a long blood clot in his leg.  They were amazed at how well he did. Your prayers have been greatly appreciated.  Please pray that he will have pain control and no complications.

Our team taught lessons by Ken Morrill, “Why my life is better in Christ!”, in village schools this week.  The children each received a booklet of the lessons.  Please pray that these doors remain open and that many will come to Christ.

Prayer Requests ~

May 7 is Mother’s Day in El Salvador.  We will be visiting 66 homes in two villages, delivering tooth paste and tooth brush holders, sweet bread and tracts for the mothers. Pray that God’s Word will not return void.

One team member has his official high school graduation ceremony even though he finished classes in November and is now studying Auto Mechanics.  He loves taking care of cars, but he has a heart for ministry.  Pray for God’s will in his life.

Soon I have an appointment with Immigration. Please pray that they accept all my papers and that I will received my permanent (2 year) residency.

A previous volunteer, who has left the ministry, just came by for a visit.  She brought me a gift for Mother’s Day.  She is living with a boyfriend and not walking with the Lord.  I have asked her to return so we can talk more.  Please pray she will come, that the Holy Spirit will convict her and draw her back to Christ.

One of the leaders of Joni & Friends in El Salvador went home to be with the Lord. His daughter, also a leader, has been a quadriplegic for nearly 20 years.  He and his wife together have cared for their daughter.  Please pray for their comfort, for Joni & Friends as they move forward, and for another person to help care for the daughter.

For His Glory alone!

Lorraine, Hannah’s Hands Team, and all our faithful volunteers


May 3, 2017  –  Update from Lorraine

Praises ~

Praise God, we are having gentle rains to replenish the wells and streams!

K plans to be baptized this SaturdayPlease pray for her father and mother’s eyes to be open to salvation through faith in Christ by the grace of God and not by works.

Our team will be sharing the Gospel this weekend in the village schools where a ministry church is installing water filters.  Pray for many to trust Christ as their Savior.

Last week’s Bible lesson was on prayer.   We had the children write down prayer requests.  One boy wrote a thank you note to God for allowing him to live.  He had no requests, only a big thank you!

We made four home visits last week, but sadly all said they were not ready, even though we shared with them that today is the day of salvation as we do not know what tomorrow brings.  Please pray for the Holy Spirit to open their blind eyes.

Prayer Requests ~

Several children in nearby villages have chicken pox.  One dear seven year old girl, D, while suffering from fevers and intense itching, was caring for her father’s illegitimate baby. The baby’s mother was a teen age girl sitting nearby. She does not have a mother’s love.  Her hair was matted and full of lice, but I could not treat her as I did not want them to confuse the medications.

Yesterday, Pastor & Mrs. J were here for prayer and fellowship.  They thank you for praying and ask that you continue praying for the believers in the village.  Many are fleeing for safety.  One man, with whom they recently shared the Gospel with and refused, was murdered the other day.  They want to remain bold and faithful for Christ.  They have 26 new believers from the medical outreach so they are discipling daily.  Pray for their safety and for them to have the energy for all the work that they are doing.

Today we are going on an outing with our landlady.  I covet your prayers for the Holy Spirit to work in the heart of this precious lady. We are asking God to open her eyes and heart. Please keep us in prayer and that God will give the me scriptures to show her that Christ is the Son of God, was with God in the beginning, and is the only way to heaven.

For His glory alone,
Lorraine, Hannah’s Hands Team, and all our faithful volunteers

*Names of children and villages have been abbreviated or omitted for their protection.